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Get More with MaxRewardssm

Dental Select’s unique MaxRewardssm helps you get more from your benefits and save more at the dentist’s office. On participating group plans, an enrolled employee’s annual maximum increases until it reaches an annual maximum of $2,000. All at no additional cost. It’s just one of the ways you always get more and save more with Dental Select.



 Max rewards infographic, year one one thousand dollars, year two eleven hundred dollars, year three thirteen hundred dollars, year four sixteen hundred dollars, year five two thousand dollars.

How it Works

  • Annual maximum automatically increases yearly up to $2000
  • Applies to preventive, basic and major services
  • Flexible network coverage that delivers quality and choice nationwide
  • Dependents receive the same increases as the employee
  • The longer employees stay on a plan, the more they can accumulate
  • Members have the greatest out-of-pocket savings advantage when receiving care from a contracted provider


How do I add this to my already existing plan?

Simply contact your broker or Dental Select account rep to add the MaxRewardssm feature at renewal at no extra cost.

What are the starting maximums?

Standard starting maximums of $1000, $1250, and $1500 with additional options available.

What take-overs are available?

Maximum and deductible takeovers will be accommodated upon request.

Who will receive these maximums?

Employees and enrolled family members.

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